This classic Tartan 37 has been a part of our family for almost as long as Zack has. Built in 1980, she was sold to us the following year by a man who never wanted to set foot on her again. As the story goes, he had freaked out in a storm, let the sails fly loose (ripping the jib), failed to secure the anchor (which gouged a hole in the bow), and his only crew was a hysterical girlfriend wearing a plaster cast on her leg. After the Coast Guard had towed them into Bayfield, he never looked back. In fact, we acquired his shoes and other gear left onboard. When we bought the boat, we gave her some gentle conversation about how we would be much more caring owners. She has remained steadfast and loyal for 28 years, and we have trusted her to carry us safely through whatever seas the Great Lakes and beyond have presented us.

Our Tartan 37 is recognized as a “Good Old Boat” by the sailing magazine of the same name. She is also a member of The Great Lakes Cruising Club.